Scarborough Fish and Lobster
This is the Captain's Log....who needs a blog?

We want to thank all of our customers for our best year yet!

2020 was a great year for Scarborough Fish and Lobster. Many of our loyal friends came back to visit us in Maine, some are local neighbors and some are regular season visitors staying in the area at one of the many vacation spots, campsites or seasonal homes. We were so pleased to meet so many new friends who found us either passing by Route 1 or thanks to modern technology. Countless times a new visitor told me they found us on Yelp or how times have changed... I remember when they found me through the phone book...but anyways we will be taking off for our winter trip to Florida soon after the holidays but we'll keep in touch through Facebook, be sure to Like us on there so you can follow along! Thank you loyal fans, friends and customers to be!"    - Captain Marty

"Handsome Johnny" taking your orders all summer long!

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